I walk in order to know I exist

2022 - 2023
I walk in order to know I exist revolves around immersing oneself in the realm of imagination. Thoughts meander, and daydreams transport me on a voyage through my past, present, and potential futures. The internal and personal process of daydreaming often feels liberating, yet it can also be perceived as confining and unsettling. The insecurities that reside within my mind create a fog that makes it challenging to escape from. It is as if I lose my sense of direction. As I delve deeper into my thoughts, I discover a sense of safety and security, but the further I wander, the more this refuge gives way to a sense of being lost as the boundaries of reality blur and dreams unfold.

To capture this sensation of being trapped within a dream, I engage in an experimental exploration that combines the realms of analogue photography with installation art. Through the medium of installation, my aim is to effectively convey the overwhelming feeling of entrapment. Installation art possesses the ability to transform physical spaces and engage viewers within a specific environment. By merging installation art with traditional photography, the idea of entering a new world can be amplified. This fusion of media creates a dynamic tension, where the immersive experience coexists with the craftsmanship of photography.

I walk in order to know I exist (2023), NOW SHOW Graduation, St. Joost School of Art & Design, Breda

In a 21.75 square meter darkened black box room, there are two black and white analogue photos taken with a Hasselblad 500 cm. The photos are printed on Hahnemühle Bright White measuring 110 cm x 110 cm and mounted on 2mm Dibond. Additionally, a soundscape envelops the space, immersing the viewer. To navigate and explore the exhibition, the viewer must rely on a torch to illuminate their path.